"I come from a proud family that understands the value of hard work and sacrifice. I want to continue to work for you. We need to create better-paying jobs, bring in more businesses to our county, improve our road system, and improve the quality and the delivery of county services, these issues will be my top priority. With my business experience and background, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."
Join me and my family in making San Benito County the thriving and successful community that all of our families deserve and want.

We need to do more to support our existing businesses but continue to work to bring new businesses and jobs to our County so more of our residents can live and work in our County​.

Set Goals

We must set long term regional goals that can measure overall growth and productivity as well as systems that can measure our progress.   

Grow from within

We must improve and strengthen our current economic development assets to support and grow our current businesses. They are already here, let's help them first.

Promote trade

We need to promote the products and services our county offers to the rest of the nation but to other countries as well. This approach will bring additional resources and income to our county and region. 

Workforce investment

We need to invest in the education, training, and development of the next generation of workers to take on current jobs that our aging workforce is leaving but also to take on the jobs of the future that technology, science, and innovation can bring to our county if we invest and prepare our workforce.

Regional Connection

We can better leverage our local and regional resources by creating industry-based business clusters, establishing partnerships with our neighboring cities and counties and bringing our assets together like education, transportation, labor, and housing to create regional economic benefits to all families and entities.


Improvements to our road system are at a critical stage. We must improve, fix and repair our roads now!

Transportation funds

We must ensure that our share of the funding from the Mesure G Transportation Tax funds is spent strategically and efficiently to improve our road system and relieve some of the traffic congestion. 

Regional partnerships

We must work and partner with our surrounding cities and together with our state and federal representatives collaborate to identify and obtain any additional funding available for transportation and road improvements. 

Public transportation

Our public transportation needs attention too. Many of our residents do not own a personal vehicle and many families only own one vehicle and must depend on public transportation.


We must reestablish our previous public transportation funding levels, add more buses and routes so our residents can go to work, school, and shopping more conveniently and economically. Improvements to our public transportation system will help improve traffic on our roads.


Our planning and permitting process must be reorganized, staffed and funded to provide efficient and responsive planning and permitting process.




As a tax-funded public agency, our job is to deliver public services to everyone in an efficient, responsive and timely manner.

Mission Statement

We must establish a clear understanding of how our residents, county staff, businesses and everyone else that receives or provides services and does business with our county should be treated.  


Our mission statement should make clear that everyone must be treated with respect, dignity and exceptional customer service at all times.

Customer service

We must work with our staff to develop and implement our county's first customer service training program. The program should include support, resources, and incentive to improve the quality and the delivery of county services.


Our residents, businesses, and visitors deserve the best customer services possible. 

  • Our Economic Development team must proactively identify and recruit new businesses and industries with support and economic incentives. I will work to ensure that we develop and implement a strategic business recruitment and retention plan.



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